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​28 inch barrel

​26 inch barrel

​Kimber 84M Hunter .308 WIN

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Remington RP9 9MM+P

​Caesar Guerini Summit Impact

Anderson Complete Upper W/ Magpul

​​Daniel Defense DD5V1   7.62 NATO

Sig Sauer P229 LEGION

​Kimber MTN Ascent  6.5 Creedmore

Kimber K6s Stainless .38/.357 MAG 

Daniel Defense

RUGER Precision | 6.5 Creedmoor

ICS-221 M4A1 Airsoft Rifle

Kimber Desert Warrior

H&K VP9  NATO Green

​Sig Sauer M11-A1 9MM

2 barrels

​Colt Gov't Competition, .38 Super

​Kimber Micro9 STS

​Sig Sauer ECHO1

​Daniel Defense V11 Kryptek Typhon

​FABARM L4S Grey Hunter

​Sig Sauer 320C NS .45ACP

​Smith & Wesson MP9 PC C.O.R.E

FABARM XLR 5 Waterfowler

Aero Precision X15 receiver

​H&K P30SKS-V3

Krieghoff K-80 Competition 

Kimber Micro9 with Crimson Trace


Kimber Micro380 Bel Air 

FABARM L4S Initial Hunter

S&W SW22 Victory, Threaded

​Smith & Wesson MP9 VTAC


Marlin 795 .22LR

​Beretta APX 9MM

​Kimber MICRO380 DC w/ NS