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If you have been in the Guntech store, chances are you've met Steve Ernce,

What you may not know is that he teaches a unique ladies class. It's called "Gun Class For Girlfriends", and it's designed to teach gun safety and proper handgun selection. You'd be surprised how many ladies come into the store with a gun that someone else has bought for her or told her was the perfect gun for her and she finds out after the purchase that it's not perfect at all...
Instead, it turns ...out to be completely unsuitable or unusable. Steve started the class several years ago and it's been very popular.
What makes this class so unique? It's all about making the ladies comfortable and relaxed. So, Steve comes to you! That's right, he teaches the class in your home or place of business.

If you're interested in more information about Steve's class, contact him at

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Firearms On Target

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We do not teach our own classes, we refer to these qualified instructors

Gun Class For Girlfriends